Natural Freshwater Pearls

All of our jewellery containing pearls is made with freshwater pearls. They are sourced from China (who are known for their high-quality freshwater pearls since 1988).  Pearls are formed over many years inside animals like oysters, clams and mussels in freshwater environments. Hence the names of these specific types of pearls are formed. There are many different types of freshwater pearls which are categorised into different shapes, colours and lustre of each pearl.


Shell Beads

We only use beads that are made from sea shells (such as cowrie, helmet, conch, bittersweet clam, sand dollar, operculum, wampum, puka and many more) they produce a different shine under sunlight that provides a different sensation for every wear. Using shells to create unique jewellery dates back to a thousand years ago. People believed that they had protective powers in the olden days and evolved to become a modern-day beach wear sensational vibe.



In Chinese, jade is known as "yu", which translates to "imperial" but did you know it is derived from the Spanish term "piedra de ijada" which means "stone of the side". We utilise colourful jade in our pieces (all jade pieces in our collections were donated by my mum's old jewellery and other blossoms who wished to repurpose their jewellery - hence very very limited hehe). All recycled jade pieces are wiped down to remove any stains or marks and only the good ones were utilised in our pieces.


Please visit our Jewellery Care page to read about how to care for your precious jewellery.