In 2021, Blueblossom Co. started in my bedroom, which is still located today. It all began with the goal of sourcing durable material so that I could customise them into necklaces, and bracelets according to the length that suits me.

Since then, I've created possibilities for my fellow #blossomgirls with a variety of alternatives so they can select the type of necklace chain, length and what kind of layout and pendants they want to pair it with and make their pieces of jewellery. Through the early ages when I began on Instagram, I've gotten a lot of customisations and it's such a joy to hear from blossoms who love the pieces that we have created together and this kept me going to help more people make their designs come alive. 

I am grateful to be able to connect with beautiful people I've never met, but we create a relationship by creating something real. I have made friends that I have never met in real life but could relate so much to each other. Hence, blueblossom is not only a handmade jewellery shop but a place where dreams come alive, friendships are made and kindness is spread through forces that I cannot explain. 

Yours Truly,